Lakeview Health Clinic Patient Policies

Cancellation Policy
Patients are expected to give at least 24 hours notice when cancelling an appointment. Lakeview does understand that circumstances can arise that prevent this, so patients are tracked on a three strike policy. Cancelling three appointments with less than 24 hour notice will have that patient terminated from the practice’s roster, and they will not be seen by a Lakeview provider again. 

No-Show Policy
As with cancellations, Lakeview understands that sometimes circumstances can arise that can cause a patient to no-show to an appointment. As such, patients are tracked on a two-strike policy. No-showing to two appointments will result in the patient being terminated from the practice’s roster, and they will not be seen by a Lakeview provider again. 

Medical Marijuana Card / Balance Payment Policy
Patients are required to pay their balance in a timely fashion, or are otherwise subject to termination of the bona fide provider/patient relationship. Incidentally, termination of this relationship may result in loss of a patient’s medical marijuana card. To avoid interruptions in care, it is best to remain current on balances owed. For more information on the bona fide provider/patient relationship and the medical marijuana program, see North Dakota Century Code 

Childhood Vaccination Policy
Lakeview Health Clinic and its providers reserve the right to refuse to see any patients who are not vaccinated against communicable diseases. This policy serves to ensure the safety of our staff and our patients.
Deductible Collection Policy
Lakeview Health Clinic has implemented a new policy for 2020 wherein our patients’ billed charges are collected at the time of the visit, rather than being billed after the fact. This means that those with commercial insurances who have not met their deductibles will be subject to paying an “allowed charge” that is due at the time of the visit

New Patients                       Returning Patients
BCBS: $280.00                $190
Sanford HP: $250           $165
United Healthcare: $140 $92
UMR: $140                      $92
Self-Pay: $280                 $220

**These amounts reflect what patients would already be paying after their insurance has been run for their visit

Lakeview’s business office makes every effort to ensure that accurate information is gathered up until the time of the visit to guarantee that patients pay the appropriate amount, but in the event of errors, patients will be quickly reimbursed. 
Federal insurance programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Medicaid Expansion, and Tricare are not subject to these allowed charges.

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